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     Michelle attended art school until her allergies to convention and institution were realized, at what point she turned to the school of Mother Nature to take flight. Trips to vast continents rejuvenated her passion for the palette and the result is right before your eyes.
Between her teaching, avid surfing and incendiary spirituality, Michelle’s life and art embody the essence of balance.
     From abstracts to realism all of Michelle’s creations stem
from the world she has lived or the world she wishes for

her two children. Her full heart, open mind and aristocratic hands come together to build the art of today infused by the lessons of the past to mold the figure of the future. When Michelle can't get into the studio, she keeps her hands busy with her jewelry line, Ahava Designs.

     Michelle lives in glorious Malibu, California with her husband and two beautiful sons.

     In an effort to bring contemporary art to Malibu, Michelle opened "ART SPACE malibu" which brought together local artists in a warehouse gallery space.  Although "ART SPACE malibu" has closed it's physical doors, events are continuing throughout Malibu.  Keep posted by sending an email to get on the email list at info@artspacemalibu.com.

"Malibu Artists Unite", is an organization that Michelle started to bring local, contemporary artists together. For more information,

click here:

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